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We are an ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle School and abide by the high international standards for stand up paddle operations.


SUP is one of the most healthy and invigorating water sports in the world, but like most things that are worthwhile, it takes a little time and effort to learn how to do it. And, believe me, if you’re doing it wrong, your body is going to let you know about it!

Sandycove, Co Dublin.

We strongly recommend that anyone taking up the sport starts out with still-water lessons from a qualified instructor. In this way you’ll learn balance and technique that will serve you well whether you choose to ride waves or simply enjoy the paddle. When you enroll at IRISHSUP, this is what you will learn:

  • Safety on the water
  • Familiarity with SUP equipment
  • Safe methods of carrying your equipment
  • Basic paddle strokes and turns
  • Correct stances on the board
  • Using the paddle for stability
  • Advanced strokes for turning and catching waves

We also recommend that you have your first lessons in virtually windless conditions, so that usually means an early morning start. That’s the most beautiful time of the day anyway, and where we conduct our lessons, the water is usually like sheet glass.

Before you even get started, it’s really important that you learn the correct way to carry your equipment. Stand up paddle boards are quite heavy and can cause injury if lifted incorrectly. The best beginner boards have carry handles.When pushing off into the water you might find it easier to start out on your knees until you feel confident and balanced. Once you’ve mastered the knee paddle, lay the paddle across the deck and ease yourself up and stand parallel to the rails of the board. Hold the paddle in front of you at arm’s length, parallel to your body with the blade fully immersed. Now pull the paddle towards you while keeping your arms straight and rolling your body with the paddle. Release the blade from the water and use the same backward motion to bring the paddle back to where it started, keeping the blade as close to the waterline as possible. Keep your head upright and look forward, not down. Check your direction and, if necessary, change sides and perform the same movement. Feel the board surging ahead?

Congratulations, you are stand up paddle surfing!

Sandycove, Co Dublin.