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We are an ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle School and abide by the high international standards for stand up paddle operations.


SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world, and no doubt, you will have many hours of paddling the beautiful oceans, rivers, harbors, lakes, and perhaps riding waves. Please remember the following four points, and share them with others, as you grow with the sport: RESPONSIBILITY, SAFETY, ETIQUETTE, ALOHA SPIRIT.

RESPONSIBILITY: Whether this is your first time on a stand up paddleboard or if you have been doing it for years, we ask that you please take a moment to consider the personal responsibility that you have. It starts by making sure you boards are securely tightened to your vehicle with properly installed racks. Please take an extra moment to double check every time you transport your boards, as those not properly fastened can fly off your vehicle and may cause accident or injury. Be safe and always double check.

SAFETY: Safety for others and you is something that needs to be top priority EVERY time you enter the water. ALWAYS be aware of the conditions of the ocean (currents, swell, crowds, etc.). If you are new to this sport, please take time to learn your technique in places that have calm, flat, water. Even if you have a strong surfing background, please remember that this is a new sport that requires different balance and muscle groups than you are familiar with. So, do like we all did and put your pride to the side and take the time to learn this incredible sport the RIGHT way!

ETIQUETTE: Okay, so now you have mastered flat water paddling and are ready to start surfing! This is where things get insanely fun! However, that does NOT mean you should paddle straight into a crowded lineup at your favorite surf spot. Even if you are an established surfer there, you will quickly wear out your welcome if you do not demonstrate proper etiquette.

Start slowly by going places that offer easy, small, mushy waves where there are FEW people, if any, around you. You are going to fall off a lot while learning. (No shame, we ALL did!) When you do fall, you board may become a projectile toward others. So again, please be aware of your surroundings and do whatever it takes to surf AWAY from other people. Once you start to master surfing waves, remember that a bigger board is in no way a license to be a "wave hog".

ALOHA SPIRIT: Sharing waves and making friends is not only the right thing to do, but will make every session enjoyable. Isn't that why we all got started in the first place? FUN and STOKE! We have an amazing opportunity to grow this wonderful sport in a positive direction. Let's all do our part and share the Spirit of Aloha every time we hit the water.

Welcome to the sport and enjoy your time on the water.